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Not only innovative ideas, market knowledge or persistent pursuit of a goal are important to business growth and development. No less important are the factors of stability and the assessment of partners' creditworthiness, in the absence of which we are facing debtors, lack of working capital, and stagnation.

To help avoid problems related to customer insolvency, or even help to cope with already existing situations, we have put together a team of lawyers working in the field of debt collection and administration. Through long-term experience and diversity of situations, we know that each situation is unique in its own right, so we avoid stock decisions.

We work in various Lithuanian and foreign business sectors: from large-scale construction services or investment project management to small and medium-sized retailers, which is why every single customer is especially important to us.

Our values are quality, efficiency, reliability. Today's solutions will save tomorrow, so call us and together we will find a way to manage your debtors..

„In Totum“ team

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